Fun Running

So I haven’t officially published it yet but I have a bucket list of things I want to do whilst living in South America. One of those things is completing a fun run.

When we first arrived in Buenos Aires is the summer and there seemed to be numerous fun runs, bike rides and other similar events taking place. People having fun, being outdoors; I wanted to get involved in it but wasn’t sure where to find these events.

One day the “man friend” rings me up from work and tells me about a fun run. There were two challenges I saw with the information that he was presenting, challenge 1 – it was Tuesday 17th April and the run was on Sunday 22 April. This didn’t leave much time for training which was an issue since I had just come back from an ice cream eating adventure and hadn’t been running since February and even that was barely a 3km run. Challenge 2 – it was the morning after my birthday could I give up birthday cocktails to go running? And the answer was YES I CAN! Don’t worry there was no completely giving up of birthday cocktails they would still happen somewhere in the birthday celebrations.

Now that we were signed up for the run I thought that it would be best that I have a bit of training. Went for a 3.8km run. Okay that felt good little bit of work to do still as it wasn’t even half way. Then on the Friday I went to go for a run and thought I would aim for 5km but then I just kept running and running and before I knew it 10.2km clocked on my feet. With one week to go till race day it felt pretty good. Although I was a little sore the next day.

Race day had arrived and it was time to separate the joggers from the runners. The event began with some Spanish style warm ups and aerobics moves including the running man. All limbered up it was time for the 10,000 runners to head to the starting line. With the release of blue balloons and some pumping tunes it was go time.

As we crossed over the 1km point everyone was cheering and clapping. Yep 1km down feeling good…2,3 crap not even half way yet. It’s ok before I knew it we were at 6km hold up though running through the slums is this safe? O well better run faster to get the hell out of there. Heading up to the 8km mark progressing well all I have to go is 2km simple that’s basically a warm up. Where is that 9km mark its got to be here soon, yes there it is clapping and cheering woo almost there. As we headed down the final straight we could see the clock (Hayley’s goal was to bit 58 minutes) it was close to the 58 minute mark no time for a Sunday drive people…so I yelled at hell to “sprint we got to beat your time”. As we sprinted across the finish line my body started to question whether or not that was a good idea. Its okay body you will be right please don’t vomit and woo hoo we smashed our time!!!!


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