No I haven’t joined the circus

Wow talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Today I decided to try a new hobby. Silk Ribbons or perhaps it’s called aerial acrobatics, I am not sure.

The last 2 months have been crazy busy with travel and visitors. After my journey down south I have returned to BA and I am kind of feeling a bit lost and I am trying to work out my daily routine again. With less than two weeks until my sister arrives and my next travelling adventure there is not too much time to get into a new rhythm so I kind of feel like I am just floating. That is why I decided it is time to try something new.

In the parks around town it is not un-common to see a long piece of material swung over a high branch and people climbing and doing acrobatics from it. So I thought to myself I can do that lets go have a lesson.

Arriving at my class I was a bit nervous as no one spoke English, so I was definitely putting my Spanish skills to the test and on top of that I was looking around and there were acrobat swings and people twisting and turning high up on the ribbons hanging from the roof. That was when I started to get a little anxious and think “Crap what the hell have I got myself into why didn’t I just stay home and be a good housewife and cook dinner”. Gave myself a little pep talk “Calm down, it’s going to be okay”. As more and more argentines walked in it was clear there was not going to be an expat. I was one my own its time to sink or swim.

As so the class began….running around a circle, high knees, kicks, squats, sit ups I can do this. What was I worried about this is fine. After an hour of warm up and strengthening of the core and upper body it was time to try what I had come here for to climb a ribbon. The teacher showed us how to climb the ribbon and then it was time for us to have a go. I thought this looks hard perhaps my class fee could just be a donations and I could quickly get the hell out of there. Nope nope can’t do that I didn’t want to walk away without trying.

The two girls I was with tried and both failed so I thought, good it’s ok if I can’t do it. Stepping up to the ribbon I had a couple of unsuccessful attempts. After a few rotations of taking it in turns to try the other 2 girls managed to do it and I still couldn’t. They tried to give me advice in Spanish but unfortunately my Spanish lessons haven’t extended to conversations on how to climb ribbon so I wasn’t quite sure what they were saying. Feeling defeated I thought again about making an escape…the door was so close. Nope not leaving til I succeed so I grabbed the ribbon again and with great determination I CLIMBED IT!!! Woo hooo. The funniest thing was I was up in the air and I hadn’t even realised I had succeeded because I was so focused on what my feet were doing. The problem now was I was up here but how the hell do I get down without getting rope burn all over my body. Getting up is just as tricky as coming down.

The group consisted of a combination of rookies like me and lifelong members so everyone was at different levels. This was a little intimidating as whilst I was trying to master the art of climbing the ribbon other girls were scouring up the ribbon twisting and spinning and doing face plummet tricks towards the ground. Pretty sure during the whole class I just had my mouth open in aw at what these girls could do.

Once I fine tune the art of climbing and sliding down I am not sure if I have I will have the courage to get to the level that these ladies were at. I felt like we were practicing for Circus Soleil.

Will I go back again? Probably let’s just see how the arms and body recover.


2 responses to “No I haven’t joined the circus

  1. That looks like lots of fun, have you been back? I have no upper body strength so I’m not sure I’d be able to do it.

    • yes I actually did go back and nailed the first attempt to climb up the ribbon which was much more ego boosting than my first class. work on your guns katie they will come….

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