Homeward bound

After conquering the glacier it was time to return home. Sneaky sneaky Argentinians making you pay an exit fee to leave their airport. Luckily I hadn’t spent all my left over money on chocolates and had enough to pay the fee.

It was lovely to see the President of Argentina at the airport with her private jet. I opted not to fly with her because I was concerned about the effect it would have on my carbon footprint that. However my flight back to Buenos Aires wasn’t the safest and I did slightly regret that decision. Firstly when I got on the plane I was a bit suss about how safe it was as the plane seemed a little tired. As the plane was coming in to land in Bariloche things were getting a bit rough. An announcement came across in Spanish and I wasn’t 100% sure what it said. The thing that concerned me was as the announcement came on I thought I saw someone reaching for the oxygen mask and had a slight freak out before realising all is ok, they were just reaching for their handbag. lol The problem for me now was after that rocky landing we had to go back up in the air in the same plane to get back to Buenos Aires. I was very grateful to touch down in BsAs and be greeted with a bunch of flowers from my “man friend”.


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