Crumping in Perito Moreno

Arriving in Perito Moreno I felt like a true back packer wearing my new back pack and arriving by bus. I set out to find my hostel which had the best hosts I have ever experienced. They could not do enough for me and even lent me water proof pants for my glacier trek.

With only one full day in Perito Moreno I only had one chance to trek on the glacier so I was going to do it rain, hail or shine. Unfortunately it was predicted rain, rain, rain. When travelling you can’t let a little rain put you off. All you can do is be prepared as you can otherwise you are going to miss out on seeing some pretty cool things. So all rugged up wearing almost everything that was in my bag along with water proof jacket and pants I set out on my expedition to hike the glaciers.

The first stop was at the lookout where you can see the glacier in all its glory. This was when the day was going looking a bit touch and go with misty rain and small snowflakes continually falling from the sky. After we checked out the glacier from the lookout it was time to head to the docks and catch a boat to the glacier to go on an ice trek.

Whilst getting the run down from the guide we had our backs to the glacier and heard boom, crash crash coming from the glacier. As we turned around we got to see a massive chunk fall from the side. WAY COOL!!!

After lunch we walked through the national park to the edge of the glacier. It was strange walking through the park because you would see the trees thinking you were just in a normal park and then you would look to your right and bam, there is a massive glacier.


It was now time to put on our crumps (the metal teeth you put on the bottom of your shoes to achieve better grip on the ice) and trek on the glacier. We learned the technique to trekking on ice walking with feet wide apart and at angles.

The glacier was amazing. The blue that shone up from the water was a magic ice blue that sparkled in the light. Next to the glacier is a park similar to the national parks you would find in other places.

The trek was then completed with a Scotch on the rocks (with ice freshly chipped off the glacier).


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