Route 40

Today I am very excited because I am about to adventure along Route 40, one of the main routes of Argentina and practically runs from the bottom to the top of the country or the top to the bottom depending on which way you want to travel. I will be embarking on the section from Bariloche to El Calafate.

After many days of deliberating whether or not I should go I finally decided to just do it. I was sad that I was going to have to go to majestic El Calafate without my “man friend” to enjoy it with me.

As I farewelled him at the bus stop I began the adventure along Route 40. With my bus travelling experience I was more prepared this time taking snacks and water. Unfortunately the food on this bus was nowhere near as good as the previous bus. This time I also knew what was happening at the bus stop when the bus disappeared to refuel. So instead of looking like a worried tourist I stood around looking like a cool, calm and collected local.

As we arrived in the town of El Calafate we were greeted by beautiful mountains that protected the town.


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