Man friend visits Bariloche

The Tale: 

This weekend was pretty exciting as my “man friend” was coming to visit Bariloche. Pressure was on though because as part of the deal for me to go away for two weeks in Bariloche I had to suss out all the good things to do.

First on the agenda was checking out one of the many ice creameries. Started him out with a good one but not the best so that he would truly enjoy the best ice cream after knowing what else was around.

Friday night involved sampling some of the local beer and cocktails. Oops drank too much and it was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed the next morning for a day of downhill riding. Once we stocked up on Coca Cola, Gatorade, Water and Iced Tea we were well hydrated and ready for the days adventure.

Heading up the mountain we got the run down from Javoo (our personal guide for the day) on the local economy and his opinion of the president. It was nice to hear his passion on the subject. Alright, we arrived at the mountain. As downhill riding isn’t exactly my cup of tea and I didn’t want to be the slow snail of the group the plan for the day was the boys would go downhill riding and I will check out the scenery and kick back in a café.

On the gondola ride up I bumped into a friend from school which was good as he was heading up to a café where a friend of ours had apparently sampled some amazing apple pie. We realised why the pie was so amazing when we began our hike up the mountain to get to it. The view was amazing, the pie was okay. You could see the lakes, Tronador Mountain and a volcano. After saying goodbye to my friend I began the trek into the mountains to go to “the cloud” spot which is supposed to have an even better view.

Hiking solo can be very peaceful and soul searching but if you have a mind like mine its more scary as I kept imagining that I heard mountain pirates hidden behind the massive rocks I was climbing over. I am not completely insane, the reason I had these thoughts was because I had been told earlier during the week not to go hiking on my own because there had been a few robberies.

Anyway made it to the top… what a view!!!! I decided to have my own photo-shoot which was lots of fun. I would be lost without the timer mode on my camera. Best function ever invented.

Alright, mountain hiking done. Now time to head back to the deck of the café relax in the deckchair and enjoy the panoramic scenery for the afternoon.

Waiting for the boys to return I decided to wander around the ghost town village. As it was not ski season the place was pretty quiet. Wandered into one shop where the owner was pretty bored so we played dress ups and hung out for a while. Ended up buying myself a sweet sweet water proof jacket for half price!

There was more bike riding to be done on Sunday as we started on the 28km circuit around the lake area where there were many beautiful photo opportunities. Some of the hills in the area were quite challenging. I will admit I had to get of my bike in some places as it was just too tough.

On the final day of the weekend it was time to say goodbye as I was getting an early bus to take me on my next adventure to El Calafate. Goodbye “Man friend” thanks for a great weekend.


One response to “Man friend visits Bariloche

  1. Loved this post, especially thinking of you worring about pirates on your ‘peaceful’ trek. Reading this at work makes me very jealous, sounds like an amazing adventure. Nice to share it with your man friend too! Miss you lots, Katey xx

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