The Bus Journey Bs As to Bariloche

So my bank account is telling me I am not the jetsetter I have been pretending to be and I now need to look for more economical ways to see South America if I am going to see everything that is on my list.

To save money and see more of the beautiful scenery Argentina has to offer I took what I thought was a 21 hour bus trip from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. In actual fact it was more like 23 or 24 hours. However I did not mind as I was riding Exec Cama (the Business class of the bus world) and was quite comfortable and did not want to get off the bus when it arrived in Bariloche.

I said goodbye to my “man friend” who was off to experience his first Argentinian beer festival and jumped on my bus, destination “Bariloche”.

With many bag stealing stories heard I made sure my bag was safely secured to my chair and had my booby trap set up for any thief who dared to challenge me.

Similar to a flight the bus also provided in service meals. As per usual the meal arrives right before I am about to doze off and leaves me awake for the rest of the trip.

Set up cozy in my seat with my pillow and blanket I enjoyed my dinner whilst watching the in bus movie. Woo hoo it was in English along with all the other ones we watched on the trip. The evening meal was then followed by some lovely Spanish pop music.

In the wee hours of the morning I woke to realise the bus had stopped and we were being searched. Not knowing what was going on I sneakily pretended I was still sleeping whilst keeping one eye partially open to see what was happening. In the end it turned out to be all ok and we continued on our journey.

As the sun started to rise we pulled into a bus stop for a break. I was very excited about this as it was a chance to buy some water so I would no longer have to order 3 glasses with every meal. As we were pulling into the bus stop there was an announcement in Spanish saying what I assumed was we were about to stop. After double checking with the bus attendant I was confident we were stopping for 10 minutes and I had time to get off the bus. I thought to myself “10 minutes is a bit of time I will go the toilet and get some water.” And so I did. After getting my water and heading to the door to go out to the bus my heart sank straight to my stomach…the bus was pulling out of the terminal. “Oh crap I am going to be stranded”. Once I calmed down and remembered to breathe I was advised its ok the bus is just going to refuel and restock and then it will be back. “Phewf”. Not sure how the “the man friend” would have appreciated a ‘come and get me call’ from somewhere in the middle of Argentina.

So on the road again we continued on for what I thought was going to be another 6 hours but turned more into 7-9 hours. Oh wow the scenery was gorgeous especially the closer we got to Bariloche.

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