Another bus trip…..

Hola Chicos and Chicas!!!

I have now conquered two weeks of solo travelling in Bariloche and feel that thanks to two weeks of Spanish School my Spanish is continuing to improve.

My “man friend” (although for my school friends his name has been transformed into “sugar daddy”) has enjoyed a weekend of adventure and sightseeing in Bariloche and is on his journey back home to BA. See you in 4 days mi novio.

As I continue my journey through the south of Argentina I am about to embark on Route 40. The famous route that runs from the North to the South of Argentina. It is also the setting for the movie Motorcycle diaries which reminds me of my boss from The Online Circle.

I thought the bus journey from BsAs was going to be a long one. It was nothing compared to this puppy 28 hours is the estimated time.

It’s now time to jump on the bus kick back and watch the world go by for a few hours, and then a few more, and then probably a few more.

Adios amigos.


The Bogan Senorita.


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