Flying solo!!!!

Hola Chicos y chicas!

We survived our adventures in Brazil stay tuned for pictures and tales. There are many, many pics and it is taking longer than expected to sort through them.

Since returning from Brazil I have been busy being a local tour guide for friends and family who have come to visit. Now as our house is empty again it is time for me to find another adventure.

As much as I don’t want to, I am actively saying goodbye to summer by packing my winter clothes and leaving behind Buenos Aires still sunny 25+ degree days and heading south to Bariloche.

As I pack my bag whilst still wearing shorts and a t-shirt it seems impossible that in 2 days time I may actually be wearing a scarf and wanting the warmth of my St Kilda football socks. But before that happens I have a 20 hour bus trip to survive! Yep that is right 20 hours that is more hours than it took to fly from Australia to Argentina. However I feel that I cannot come to South America without taking a bus journey. My bags are now packed and I am headed for the bus station.

I will let you know how the adventure unfolds………

Love The Bogan Senorita


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