Hola!!! Hola!!! Hola!!!

Hola!!! Hola!!! Hola!!!

Welcome to my blog which is very overdue. You must understand life as a Bogan Senorita is very demanding, I have dance classes to go to, personal training sessions, a man to cook for, trips to plan, Spanish to learn, and a gigantic city to explore plus keep in touch with everyone back home.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the pics. Don’t forget to sign up in the top left side of the screen so you don’t miss a moment. This will also save you time in having to facebook stalk me as updates will come direct to you!

Like everything in life this blog is about give and take. I will share my stories with you and in return I ask for anyone who has been to South America or has heard of awesome things to please tell me where I should be going and what I should be doing. For example, did you love or hate Bolivia? Are the Galapagos Islands worth the dollars or do you know a low cost option to see all those cute animals….

Plus just say hi whenever you get the chance.

Love to all my readers.


P.S I am going to Brazil for the second half of Feb and may be MIA during this period. But don’t worry I will have lots of pics and stories to tell when I return.


5 responses to “Hola!!! Hola!!! Hola!!!

    • Thanks Al. You were my motivation to finish it. When I saw that you had only just arrived in Darwin and were already posting I realised I am way behind. So thank you.

  1. Ninni! I’m on your list of subscribers….can you tweet as well? I’m getting into the world of the tweet in a big way…especially now I started uni…

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