Argentine Carnival

Trip plan: A weekend in Gualeguaychú (try pronouncing that one kids) Attraction: Argentine Carnival Cliff Notes: 2 cars, 9 people and one night of Argentine Carnival to be experienced. Buts, boobs and tractors galore. The Tale: So naive little me has learned that Rio does not hold the only Carnival! There is one in Bahia, Uruguay, Bolivia, pretty much every country has their own carnival over here and they all say that theirs is the best. Well I want to find out who is telling the truth….to Gualeguachu Carnival we go! Gualeguaychu is about a 3 hour drive north of Buenos Aires. Woo hoo first road trip in Argentina! As per usual when you leave something up to men to organise it never gets done. The Friday night before leaving for our road trip no accommodation had been booked.  Equipped with Google translator Scoot and I start making some calls to find accommodation. Rang three hotels and they were all booked out. This isn’t looking positive. So then we tried a hostel and woo hoo, they had vacancies.  How much $98. Then came my blonde moment, for some reason I was thinking in AUD and asked does that cover all nine of us. She hung up on me ($98 pesos is about $25 AUD of course that isn’t going to cover the cost of accommodation for nine people).  I tried to call her back but my call was screened. Then Scoot called from his mobile and luckily the lady answered. Whilst trying to confirm our booking Google translator kept freezing. Making small talk in Spanish is not an easy thing to do. So with our accommodation booked we were set for the weekend. Time would tell if our Spanish was successful enough and we had accommodation when we arrived in Gualeguaychu. It all seemed a bit too easy that they had room for 9 people even though everywhere else was booked out. Saturday morning the road trip to Gualeguaychu began. We all piled in Pablo, our fabulous white Ford Focus $19,990 drive away (just a little plug for Ford seeing as they have sent us to Argentina). Man friend in the drivers seat, co piloted by Dave, navigator Scoot in the back next to me the entertainment and commentator.

As we arrived into town the question “where the hell are we?” crossed everyone’s mind.  It seemed we had arrived in small ghost time. However do not fear it was just siesta time. Arriving at our accommodation we thought we would check out the rest of the town before confirming we wanted to stay at that hostel. So we had the bright idea of going for a walk. Big mistake. After being in a nice air conditioned car we forgot that it was a sweltering hot day. It was hot! Sweat was dripping off you as soon as you got out of the car. So the accommodation wasn’t 5 star but it would do as we were going to carnival and most likely not really doing any sleeping there. With another test of our Spanish we bought tickets for carnival. There was a VIP area marked on the seating map and we asked about that. They laughed at us and said “VIP is for very important people”. After a bite to eat we headed to the river “beach” were the music was pumping, the chicos were dancing, the minimal bathers were being worn and the cocktails were being made. With the bar promoting Chandon and Speed (Argentine version of Red Bull) tonight had the making to be a big big big night. I thought it was a little early for Chandon and Speed so I opted for a 1 litre cocktail instead.

The next hour or so was spent chillaxing on the grass and checking out the talent. The sky was starting to look a little angry and it was threatening to rain even though it was still hot. However with the power of positive thinking we managed to hold off the rain until the next day. Back at the hostel it was time to gather the troops for a few pre drinks to warm ourselves up for carnival. Along the streets heading in to the drome there were feathers, feathers and more feathers. After I purchased my carnival head piece (Man friend was restricting and only brought me a small one) we headed in to the drome for the carnival entertainment to begin. The start of it was a little slow with all the sponsors getting their name in lights prior to the real action beginning. I made the mistake of giving my camera to my man friend as a result I ended up with over 40 pics of girls asses, boobs and tractors. Thanks man friend, so many great memories you captured. Enjoying vodka and speed in carved out melons we danced the night away to the carnival music. I jumped over the barrier so I could set foot on the drome and was quickly told by security to get back on the other side. Hehe, I stood on the parade floor and can say I was part of the parade.

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Highlights of the trip

  • Panda Supermercado
  • Man friend spewing on his own feet
  • The fact it was our first roadtrip!
  • Vodka and speed in carved out melons
  • Dancing all night at our first carnival! Rio here we come baby!

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