Highlights from Chile trip

So other highlights from trip to Chile….

Terremoto (AKA the Earthquake) – Chile cocktail that consists of one litre of vino, a dash of bitters and pineapple icecream. Amazing but not recommended to have after 4 hours of unlimited drinks followed by shots.

A local students dish that will stop your heart. First layer is a plate full of chips, then add a layer of roast beef, deep fried onions, 2 fried eggs and a rather large chorizo sausage. I felt like I needed to be hungover to justify eating this.

Going to my first Salsa night club and learning Salsa from the Chilean locals.

Wasted guy searching for the dog water bowl to drink claiming it was over 500 years old and the most precious thing to be drinking. Needless to say I didn’t join for a drink and the guy he was picking up was fairly well disgusted with the scene.

Good Karma – Waiting for plane at Santiago airport all I have left in my wallet is $3,000 Chilean pesos..cost of a Pisco Sour $3,000 Chilean pesos.

Coffee with legs – this one is for the boys. Not that long ago Chile used to have shit coffee so to encourage ppl to buy it they opened up coffee shops that had girls in really small skirts selling the coffee. When sales for this where doing well they thought they would up the anti and open up coffee shops where the girls are pretty much stripers. And if u are lucky you will be in the coffee shop for “happy minute” where the owner locks the door so no one can comes in or goes out and the waitresses all take their clothes off. Yep that is just a regular morning in good old down town Chile.


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