Spanish School

O crap sadly I am disappointed that I wasn’t instantly able to speak Spanish when I stepped off the plan. Boy was that a wake up call when going through customs and no one spoke English (I don’t think we are in Cansas anymore Toto).

Over pointing at things and asking for the English menu for dinner or ordering mystery meals, it was time to learn some Spanish. Now just let me point out we didn’t come here completely unprepared, we did take a Spanish course back in Australia but learning Spanish in Australia and learning Spanish where it is actually used is a whole other ball game.

On the first day we sat a test to find out where my levels of Spanish are at or aren’t at all. On an extensive test of questions I managed to answer a small amount. Luckily for me they never actual reveal what your score is on that day as this would be extremely depressing.

The perks of Spanish school are starting to learn how to communicate in the country you are in and meeting new people. Whilst group classes are great from a social aspect t

The best thing of all about Spanish school was I met my first bff in Argentina…Frenchie.he private tutorials are more productive for the overall goal o

f learning Spanish as you can move at your own pace, however they are more expensive




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