House Hunting

Hotel life is fantastic but sadly our time living the high life is coming to an end and we need to find a home. Finding a home in a city you barely know can be difficult…where are the safe neighbourhoods, where are all the good cafes and bars, where are all the good shops and is it easily accessible are some of the questions to think about when deciding on a location. It seemed there were two areas to choose from Puerto Modero and Palermo.

Puerto Modero is the docking area of BA. It is also the manufactured version of what life in BA is like. Think Docklands in Melbourne where they are trying to create a dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle even though the heart and soul just isn’t there.

The other option, Palermo, is your Toorak/South Yarra type area it has everything from your trendy upper class living to quirky bars and restaurant you would find towards the Windsor end of Chapel St.

So no we kind of know the neighbourhoods as best as any foreigner could it was time to start the house hunting.

In Argentina what would be a job for one person back home in Australia often will be completed by three individuals. There will be many stories of this throughout my confessions. A prime example is the real estate process. When looking for a home we had the real estate agent, a driver, another real estate agent and then the owner all to show us through and point out all the wonderful features.

With a very comfortable living budget we got to see some very nice apartments. One of these apartments was redesigned to the whole second bedroom was a closet. Overall the apartments are very well designed with functional layouts.

Plus the apartment blocks over here have “Party Rooms” which can be hired out for parties. Depending on the quality of the apartment block some of them are HUGE. The owners insisted on showing us these rooms as part of the tour even though we know we will never know enough people over here to fill one. Tear.

The apartment we chose isn’t ready until early January so we are living across the road in another apartment, AKA our Christmas apartment. Although it will be interesting to see if our Christmas tree arrives in time???????

A collection of house hunting pics.


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