Touch Down in Buenos Aires

In some ways I wanted to stay on this plane forever as it felt like cocoon protecting and preparing us for what was ahead, but I was also getting cabin fever and wanted to get the hell of this flight. As we flew over the Andes and started to get to know the landscape of our new home country the purple of the Jacaranda’s reminded me of the ones I saw as we were leaving Sydney. This encouraged me to think this country is no different, it has Jacaranda’s just like Australia. After our decent I was soon to discover that the Jacaranda’s were my only connection to Australia. Unlike other places we had travelled, English is not widely spoken in Argentina, communicating with the immigration officer was our first experience of how we needed to fast track our Spanish if we were going to survive the next 6-12 months.

Like most capital cities the airport is located on the outskirts of the city and you need to drive through the industrial areas and often poorer areas of town before reaching the central part of the city. It was along this journey I thought OMG what the hell have we done….Australia is a nice place, why didn’t we just stay put…stay close to our friends and family…maintain the security of our nice leafy suburb where everything was familiar and then the other side of my brain spoke up, BECAUSE THIS IS AN ADVENTURE, a new cultural experience beyond what Lygon St and Chinatown have to offer.


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