Where it all began

Just when we think we know everything and life is under control, it is generally only the tip of the iceberg and there is something else lying under the water waiting to be explored….

The view from the Panamericano Hotel

In the summer of 2003 I thought the biggest decision of my life would be deciding whether to move to Melbourne or Geelong for university. Maybe I was right, maybe it was the biggest decision of my life, perhaps if I had of chosen the other path I would not be sitting where I am today……and where am I you ask? Sitting on the 23 floor of the Panamericano Hotel looking at the Obelisk and across the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Earlier this year my man friend was offered an overseas assignment with his job. As the young and frivolous early mid 20 something’s that we are of course we jumped at this opportunity! The chance to live and experience another culture with minimal financial impact, who could say no to that.

In what felt like an eternity for plans to form unfold, our adventure of living in Argentina transformed from a romanticised dream into holy crap this is actually happening…..

After our farewell tour that made John Farnham’s ‘Last Time’ tours seem like a blink of the an eye, it was time to pack our suitcases and begin our travels to Argentina.

Being the bogan senorita that I am this was my first time travelling business class. Leading up to the trip I was heard to say ‘why would you waste your money on business class when you could spend it elsewhere on the trip’ however as my ticket was free I was not going to turn it down.

The scene of boarding the plane reminded me of the one in Pretty Women when she gets into the lift and Vivian says “Well, colour me happy! There’s a sofa in here for two!” It felt great not to be hustled to the cattle class end of the plan. The giants seats/beds and sizeable arm rests significantly reduced my risk of embarrassment from waking up on the shoulder of the person next to me and leaving a small amount of drool on his shoulder (red faced shame). Just as I was getting settled in and starting to doze off the next stage of my business class experience was presented “fine dining”.

When feeding time came around it felt like you were failing them if you didn’t accept everything they had to offer. After saying no to tea and coffee I was then offered the liquors and ports and when I said no to this they offered it a second time, so of course I couldn’t say no again, and as a way of letting them do their job properly I enjoyed a glass of baileys on ice and then another and another and another….With a fabulous selection of inflight movies and a cocktail bar of beverages at my beckon call I was set to stay awake for the whole 14.5 hour flight.


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